What is interim?

Interim is a recruitment solution that allows companies to benefit from increased flexibility in managing their workforce. This form of interim employment is ideal for meeting interim or seasonal needs, or for replacing absent or on leave employees.
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When to Use Interim

Interim is a flexible recruitment solution that can be used in various situations. Here are some examples of cases where interim can be an appropriate solution for businesses


Replacement of Absent Employees

If an employee is on sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, or sabbatical leave, interim can be used to temporarily replace them and maintain business operations.


Interim or Seasonal Needs

If the company experiences a period of high activity, such as during the holiday season or sales period, interim can be used to quickly recruit interim workers to cope with the workload.


Specific Projects

If the company is launching a specific project that requires specialized skills, interim can be used to recruit interim workers with the necessary expertise to meet those needs.


Employment Flexibility

If the company wishes to have greater flexibility in managing its workforce, interim can be used to recruit interim workers for short-term assignments or specific tasks.

What Do We Offer?

At Maroc Force Emploi, we offer flexible interim work solutions through interim that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We provide diverse assignments in various industries, with contracts of variable duration ranging from a few days to several months. We are committed to delivering impeccable service quality to our clients and interim workers, with special attention to safety and health at work. With a nationwide presence and extensive experience in the interim field, we are a reliable and efficient partner to meet your interim staffing needs.
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